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Our Services


We provide complete accounting services for small and medium sized businesses specially, retail, manufacturing, construction and renovation, auto garage, real estate, health and medical services, restaurant, gas station, franchise stores, computer and IT services, education and training, trucking and taxi, self-employed contractors, charity and non-profit organization and other miscellaneous sectors.
These services include:
1. Accounting services, quarterly and yearly basis.
2. Monthly Payroll services including CRA payroll remittances, ROE, EHT and T4 Returns.
3. GST/HST Return filing and working of ITC claim.
4. WSIB Return filing.
5. Compilation Financial Statements with Compilation Engagement Report as per CSRS 4200
6. Preparation of projected financial statements for loan from financial institutions.
7. Assistance in review and audit engagement.
8. Controllership for small business corporation.


We assure you most accurate, trustworthy and reliable tax preparation services by our Canadian professional accountant. Our tax services include the following:
1. Personal taxes including self-employed, salaried, seniors, individual investors, real estate brokers, taxi and truck drivers, sub-contractors etc.
2. Corporation taxes
3. Information tax returns for charity.
4. Information tax returns for non-profit organization.
5. Payroll taxes (T4 Returns)
6. Estate taxes
7. Sub-contractor ( T4A Returns and T5018 for construction contractors ).
8. Dividend and interest return ( T5 Return) and capital dividend
9. Foreign Income verification statement. (T1135)

10 Non-Resident personal and corporation taxes including UHT Return filing.

11 Tax filing of new comers to Canada.

12. Other tax services as per need of client.


We review tax and financial situation and advise you to reorganize your tax and financial affairs so that you can achieve optimal objective of tax minimization and wealth maximization. Some of these services are as under:
1. Representing clients in tax matters and assistance in tax, sales tax and WSIB audits
2. Help in setting up of business including incorporation and registration of business.
3. Help in setting up of foreign business subsidiaries including incorporation in Canada and their related compliance work with the CRA.
4. Preparation of Business Plan for financial institution loan.
5. Tax Planning and consultancy.
6. Helping your business grow and solving business problems.
7. Management Consultancy, advisory services and controller-ship.
8. Objection and appeal for adverse income tax and sales tax assessment orders.
9. Helping in insurance claims.